The Phillips Avent Twin BPA Free Breast Pump is a double electric breast pump with hand controls to allow you to adjust and choose the perfect speed and suction levels for you, without removing your hand from the pump. The soft massage cushions trigger natural let-down and the gentle vacuum mimics a baby’s suckling for steady milk flow. It is easy to clean, very easy to use, comfortable, efficient, quieter, and more affordable than other similar pumps by leading brands.

The Phillips Avent double electric breast pump is sometimes called the Avent Isis IQ Duo Breast Pump. Customer service explained they are inherently the same pump; the only difference is the color of the plastic. The Double Electric Breast Pump‘s flanges are made from a plastic that is yellowish, causing many women to think that the flanges are discolored, when in fact they are not.

The manual Avent Isis pump is one of the highest rated manual pumps out there, and there is reason to believe the electric double will be similarly top-notch. Everybody always talks about the popular named and more expensive breast pumps, but there is no reason to not try this pump!


Phillips Avent Double Breast Pump

The Avent Isis IQ Duo is the same pump as the Phillips Avent Double Electric Pump.

This pump offers a simple to use mechanism with wonderful features like conversion to manual pump, manually controllable speed and suction, and built in memory. Many people wrote in their reviews that they were intending to buy a different, more expensive pump but due to circumstances ended up with this one, and were pleasantly surprised.

When looking for a breast pump there are many things to compare.

Who is this pump designed for?
The Phillips Avent Twin BPA Free Breast Pump is designed to meet the needs of breastfeeding mothers who need to pump daily, such as women who are returning to work. It is also beneficial for mothers who need to increase their milk supply and for those who want an easy and efficient method to pump even if just pumping on occasion.

What you get:

Phillips AVENT BPA-Free Twin Electric Breast Pump

2x Milk container (4 oz/125 ml) / Adaptor ring
2x Stand/funnel cover
2x Let-down Massage Cushion
1x Control cable
2x Transparent tube
1x Twin tubing
1x Double pumping connector
1x Pump motor
1x Electric adaptor
1x Wall plug cord
2x Extra Soft, Newborn Flow Nipples (0m+)
Two Nipple travel packs
Microfiber travel bag
Two sealing discs
Instruction guide

Source of Power:

The Phillips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump is an electrical breast pump. An electrical breast pump is comprised of a cord that is plugged into an electrical outlet to power a small motor that creates suction to extract milk from the breasts. One or more long plastic tubes connect the breast-shield to the motor.

Strength of Vacuum:

0-250 mmHg in one second. 250 is considered to be quite strong. The vacuum level, or suction range, is the amount of negative pressure that the breast pump pushes on one’s breast. In general, the higher the pressure level, the more milk will be expressed. If the pump is putting too much pressure on one’s breast and it is uncomfortable for the mother, all she has to do is lower the pressure level. The Phillips Avent double electric breast pump is unique in that it has unlimited vacuum and suction levels which are completely controlled by the mother manually choosing what vacuum and suction levels are the most comfortable and efficient for her at that particular moment and pumping session; there are no “intervals” like other pumps have…think of it like shoes. If you need a 6.25 and the company only manufactures 6 and 6.5, you will need to either squeeze in or add inserts. Other pumps are like that, but this is customized to suit your needs exactly.

Is it also battery operated?

No, this pump is not battery operated. However, you should realize that most electrical pumps work more efficiently when they are plugged in, so most times, you will probably choose to plug your pump in, regardless of which pump you choose to buy. It does make it harder to plug in all settings though — it’s not a good travel pump.


The Phillips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump
has a double pumping option and unlimited speed settings and suction levels. The double pumping option efficiently pumps both breasts simultaneously, greatly decreasing the amount of time it takes to empty one’s breasts. Some women find this pump more efficient than leading, more expensive breast pumps due to the fact that you have complete control over how fast the pump pumps and can choose to make it go very fast (or slow) when that is what your body needs. In addition, the let-down massage cushions include “petals” that flex in and out, gently massaging the areola and stimulating a faster and more natural milk flow.

Other pumps may have pre-set suction and vacuum levels, but Avent recognizes that every woman is different and that each pumping session is different. The Phillips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump is considered to be an efficient pump due to the fact that it has a strong motor, is a double electric pump, and has special massage let-down cushions to aid in a faster and more efficient-let down.

Comfort Level:
Avent recognizes that every nursing mother has her own unique rhythm when it comes to nursing and pumping. Therefore, the pump has a one-touch memory control right at your fingertips to help you stop, start, or adjust the speed and suction level without removing your hand from the pump.
Unlike other pumps that work only on the nipple, yanking and pulling, until one feels like it is going to fall off, the Phillips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump’s let-down massage cushion has petals that flex in and out to gently massage the areola.
You choose and adjust the speed and suction level. The built-in electronic memory then learns from you and takes over the job. You simply begin a comfortable pumping rhythm, press a button and the twin electronic breast pump automates it. And with the Phillips AVENT natural feeding system, all AVENT products fit together so that you never have to transfer milk between containers. One caveat is that Avent is a larger size than standard bottles and it won’t work with standard bottles, while most other pumps do work with that.

Open or Closed System:
The Phillips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump is a closed system, which means that there is a barrier between the milk collection kit and the pump mechanism. When using a closed system to express milk, the barrier in between the collection kit and the pump tubing prevents outside air from being exposed to your breastmilk. By keeping outside air out of the collection bottle, you are able to preserve the purity of your breastmilk for your baby.
The barrier also ensures that milk particles will not enter the pump tubing or motor. This eliminates the need to wash the pump tubing, as well as the possibility of mold or bacteria growing in the tubing.

What’s unique about this pump?

The Phillips Avent Twin Electronic Breast Pump can be used as a double or single electric pump and can easily be converted into a manual hand-held breast pump. The pump has automatic and manual modes, and the pump automates the suction level and speed set by the manual pumping. The massage petals gently flex around the areola to help stimulate the milk flow and allow for a natural, fast milk letdown. The speed and suction levels are infinitely variable and completely controllable by the mother’s hand. If in the middle of the night, your pump breaks down, never fear, since this pump can easily be converted into a hand-held manual pump, until the proper pieces are sent to you to fix the pump.
Avent Isis Manual Pump

The Avent Isis is the most popular manual breast pump on the market.

This pump also has a 2 year warranty, double the time other manufacturers guarantee their pump!

This pump is cheaper, has infinitely more suction and speed controls than other similar pumps from other companies, while not compromising the comfortableness and ease of use.

Ease of Cleaning:
Very easy to clean, all you need is some soap and water. Because it is a closed pump, the tubing and tubing connector do not need to be washed or sterilized ever. It should take you as fast as it takes to wash two bottles and two dishes; I’d say about two minutes. This pump does have more pieces to clean than some other pumps, but for many women the more pieces make it easier to clean, since there are not as many as “hard to reach places” like with other pumps. To clean the Phillips Avent Twin Electric Breast Pump, one only needs to wipe the base with a damp cloth.

Is it BPA/DEHP free?

Yes, it is 100% BPA/DEHP free.

Weight: 3.086 pounds (1.4 kg), considered moderately light for an electric breast pump.
Price: Very reasonable, more than an Ameda Purely Yours without accessories, but way less than a Medela.

Customer Service: Excellent. Many customers wrote in their reviews how if there were any problems, the company immediately sent replacement pieces and explained to them how to manually pump using the breast pump pieces.
They sometimes even have representatives who can guide you if you have experience issues with pumping.


  • Affordable.
  • Three pumping options: double pumping, single electric pumping, manual breast pump Let-down massage cushions gently massage and flex around the areola to help stimulate milk flow.
  • Infinitely variable and controllable speed and suction levels.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Very easy to transport since it includes a stylish, microfiber, insulated carry bag for on-the-go pumping and storing.
  • It is a closed pump.
  • Two year warranty.


You have to manually control the speed and vacuum until you get the speed that you like, but that just might be a pro, since you have so much more control that way than electronically choosing a pre-programmed setting.

The flanges have only one size, which might cause a problem for larger-nippled women (not larger breasted as I had read on some websites). The company is aware of this problem and plans on creating larger and more diverse sizes. Some women reported that by removing the massage cushion, the flanges fit better.

Milk gets stuck in the flange. A customer service representative gave me some great tips to prevent this from happening. One should apply the flange to the breast when the flange is damp and ensure that it is properly attached by pressing the outside rim with your thumb. This allows for better contact to the body and creates a better seal. In addition, they also recommend that when pumping one should lean slightly forward.

A lot of pieces to pump to easily lose, wash and assemble. In regards to assembly, once you get the hang of it, it’s no big deal. More pieces means if one piece breaks, then all you have to do is replace that one piece and not the whole machine! And as far as washing, some women felt it was easier to clean more pieces than convoluted, larger pieces.

It is important to note that though this pump is very efficient and is comparable to pumps like Medela Pump in Style or Ameda Purely Yours, the Phillips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump (and the Phillips Avent Isis IQ Duo) is not a hospital grade pump (and neither are those!)

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