For many nursing mothers, a breastpump becomes essential to maintain breastfeeding while holding down a job outside the home. Even if she is not working, pumping is used to relieve an abundance of milk or simply to have a stash in case Mommy cannot breastfeed every now and then.


The choices on the market can be overwhelming, and I’d like to help break it down to find the pump that best suits each mother.


Avent Isis Manual Pump

The Avent Isis is the most popular manual breast pump on the market.

The first type of breastpump is the manual breastpump. These are non-electric, and require good hand strength to utilize the pump. They are usually simple to assemble, small and very portable, and can be used anywhere. Some women find manual pumping is just as effective as electric pumping, but there is no guarantee that your hand has the stamina to push as long as you need, and you cannot double pump in this manner. It’s great for the occasional use and for situations where you might not have an outlet and don’t want to rely on batteries. My choices in this category are 1) Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump — this is versatile with all bottles, ergonomic, and affordable: I use it myself! 2) Philips AVENT BPA Free Manual Breast Pump — considered the gold standard of manual pumps, this is very effective, but not as versatile as the Lansinoh, and a bit harder to assemble and 3)Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump –this is especially good if  you have Medela parts that can be swapped with the manual pump.


Medela Swing Single Electric Pump

The only single electric pump I would recommend is the Medela Swing.

The next category would be the single electric battery operated pump. These won’t tire you out as a manual pump would do, but the efficacy is not the same as a double electric pump. This is perfect for occasional use, especially in the middle of travelling. Using batteries, you won’t need an outlet, but you will want to make sure your batteries are working! Some of the single pumps also allow you to use it plugged in.The best pump in this category is the Medela Swing Breast Pump but it carries a hefty price tag for an occasional use item.


The most used breastpump is the double electric pump. For the average mother, it is sufficient to be used daily at work without compromising her supply. Most of the double electric pumps can be used plugged in or with a battery pack. You can use them as a single or double pump, adding to their versatality. The “big name” pumps are highly efficient and have custom settings, as well as warranties for a year, and a lightweight profile. I have extensively reviewed several of them previously so you can choose the best one for you: Breast Pump Reviews


The Medela Symphony is a work horse and one of the best pumps available to anyone.

Some women find that using a hospital grade pump will be the best option for them. For women who mainly rely on pumping or women who haven’t found a portable double electric to work well, many hospitals rent out these heavy duty workhorses. The pumps are made for multiple users and have a longer lifespan. Check with your insurance provider to see if you can get it covered. To buy one on your own may or may not be cost effective. The two most used hospital grade pumps are the Medela Symphony Breast Pump and the Ameda Elite Electric Breast Pump


I am happy to answer questions you may have on choosing a breastpump if you choose to comment.

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