Benefits of a Doula


1. The length of labor is shortened significantly according to the statistics; on average it’s 25% shorter for first time mothers.

2. Studies show there is a dramatic reduction in the use of oxytocin to speed up labor. This is important, not only because it makes labor harder to handle and results in more women using drugs for pain relief, but because the use of artificial stimulants are more likely to lead to medical complications in the newborn. For instance, there is an increased chance of jaundice, which usually results in the infant being separated from his mother for treatment.

3. There is a lower incidence in the use of epidural anesthesia, as there are fewer women asking for it. This means there is a snowball effect of fewer women facing the risks of spinal anesthesia and fewer newborns requiring an ICU stay due to possible systemic infection.

4. The C-section rate was reduced by 60% in seven trials.

5. Fewer babies had to stay longer in the hospital after the mother was discharged.

6. Breastfeeding is more successful: twice as many women breastfed their babies and continued to nurse longer than those in the control group.

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