Baby wearing is one of the easiest ways to function with a baby around. It can take a bit of time and patience to find the right baby carrier and wearing method for your individual needs, but once you get the hang of it, your life will be so much easier.

Baby wearing is a natural follow up to pregnancy and birth, for many mothers. Just as a baby was carried safely in mommy’s womb for nine months, many mothers want their babies to be soothed and carried safely close to their bodies for the months after.

Babies are happy when safely ensconced in a baby carrier and seem to have calmer dispositions as such. Mothers are happier, too, because being hands free without a crying baby means life just got a lot simpler and more can now be accomplished.

Baby carriers are great for traveling. Not heavy and bulky like strollers, they also work on all terrains, and many of them make nursing discreetly a breeze.

There are many ways to wear a baby, and there are many types of baby carriers out there. We hope to elucidate the differences between some of the more common types so you can better figure out what works for you.

The baby carriers we will review include:

  • Slings — both ring and pouch
  • Mei Tais
  • Wraps
  • Soft structured baby carriers

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