Here is a good starting list for assembling your homebirth kit. I have spent time trying to find the best options available that will work, and I hope you’ll benefit from my research :)

1 bottle of oil for perineal massage, such as Vitamin E oil
Small pile of newspapers to cover carpet
A couple 30-gallon size garbage bags
Plastic lined trashcan
2 rolls of paper towels
One fleet enema (optional)
2 1-gallon size ziploc bags
3 maps of directions to nearest hospital and place of birth
Include name, phone, cell #, and number for ambulance
A place for birth team to rest or lie down quietly if necessary
Clean Towels and Washcloths
Pie Plate
Digital thermometer
Clean gown or PJs you can nurse in
Old t-shirts or gowns to labor in
Ample supply of natural fruit juices, herbal teas, bottled water, protein drinks, and food for mom and birth team
Rocking chair, backrest, exercise ball, or bean bag
Several pillows
Good size flashlight with batteries
Black Writing Pen
Heating Pad
Video/Still Camera
4 Receiving Blankets
infant hair brush (I didn’t bother)
diapers and stretchies for baby
cotton balls, q-tips
rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, or hydrogen peroxide for cord care
name of pediatrician and number
bed should be made up by placing on top of good linen a plastic cover or shower curtain liner (can get at dollar store), and old linen on top…pillows cover in plastic bag and put old pillow cases on top

In birth kit:
12 alcohol prep pads
1 paper tape measure
1 plastic cord clamp
2 straws
2 newborn caps
2 disposable briefs
1 peri-bottle
1 povidone iodine (8 oz)
1 lubricating gel (4 oz)
1 4×4 gauze package of 25
4 pair procedure gloves size 7
2 pair procedure gloves size 6.5
1 3 oz bulb syringe
2 12 packs of sanitary pads
2 15 packs of underpads (chuck pads)

1 afterbirth sitzbath herbs
1 afterease tincture

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