Welcome to A Natural Birth!

Our aim here is to help you be informed about childbirth and taking care of your baby afterwards. Parents opting for natural birth usually are looking for a simple, normal way for their baby to enter this world, with no frills. They want both mothers and babies to be healthy and safe, and ultimately happy.

We have no control over what ultimately happens at a birth, but we do have control in most aspects of relating our wishes. This site will explain to you what your requests can be in a normal situation. This is our choices in childbirth section.

We also would like to help you plan a homebirth if you so choose by giving you a headstart with a homebirth supply list.

We have started putting up some online pregnancy and childbirth classes in audio and/or visual media. As more become available to us, they will be posted. We’re working on our own unique series of childbirth classes, but they still need polishing…stay tuned!

There is a whole world of caring for your baby after the birth though, and we’d like to help you navigate this uncharted territory as well.
We have compiled our own unique set of infant carseat recommendations as that will be one of the first things you need on hand after birth.
We’re working on reviewing other baby gear like baby carriers which are lifesavers to many parents.

With our extensive knowledge of breastfeeding, we’ll be opening a lactation section soon with resources for nursing and basic information to help you through common hurdles. We also have breast pump reviews for your perusal like the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra.

Cloth diapers are now one of the topics reviewed and can be accessed by clicking on the cloth diaper category

As we work on growing this site, check back often for your one-stop natural birth and baby resource!